Lake Michigan & Hopelesstown split

by Lake Michigan & Hopelesstown

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This is a split tape between Lake Michigan from York, England, and Hopelesstown from Sydney, Australia. There are 30 copies of this on tape by ruined smile in Brisbane and lacklustre records in Canberra. 15 copies on hand-dubbed cassette tapes in brown paper sleeves and 15 copies on hand-dubbed recycled cassette tapes in fabric sleeves.This is rs007 and lck025.

Cover photo taken by Ewen McAleer.

Lake Michigan also has a video for the track "Predawn" here:

Any folk in Europe who want to get hold of a copy of this without international postage rates, please feel free to message me via the Contact button on the right hand side of this page. I will be back in London around Christmas and can post it from there.


released October 21, 2014

Lake Michigan is Christopher Marks.
Hopelesstown is Will Canning.

Thanks to both Chris and Will, and also Jordan at lacklustre records for making this release happen.



all rights reserved


ruined smile records Brisbane, Australia

DIY label based in Brisbane, Australia via London, UK.

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Track Name: Lake Michigan - Incoherence
Some pseudo philosophic shit,
About how everything means nothing,
and nothing means everything.
How are those trees in the clearing you?
How sharp intakes of breath you?
I don't want to leave, to breathe, to want, to need.
Every day is worth it, every breath is ours.
Track Name: Lake Michigan - Predawn
You would swallow the world for me,
For me again.
But I am pale and sickly,
Falling down to your feet,
Evading eyes and lips.
Filter downstream and end up lost and weak,
At my knees.
Track Name: Lake Michigan - Peak
Swing from snowcapped pylons,
Run through yellow cornfields.
Long grass and hot coffee,
Drenched in sweat and summer fallouts.
“I’ve been writing lots again.”
“I’ve been feeling lost again.”
It feels like that lake,
Will never freeze again.
It feels like all those paths,
will be gone when I turn round.
Track Name: Hopelesstown - Smitten
they say a pessimist is an optimist with experience,
that everything happens for a reason,
but I'd have to disagree with that,
because evidently, things have been happening to me

I've been in and out of love,
out of my own bed,
off it with the world,
into people like you

she woke up with a smile,
donned a floral dress for a dreary day,
she didn't understand all the fuss,
little did she know my fuss was for her then
Track Name: Hopelesstown - Other
bury me - in the wet soil of
the places we've been,
and been without
(I've been without)

cherish me,
as I have you,
feel my cold hands - against your skin

your face;
half brazen, half curious
and a little bored I guess
Track Name: Hopelesstown - Spring 2
I'll meet your friend outside the library,
it was spring,
and you smelled guilty,
so I wrote your name across the overpass

we're delirious,
twirling through the confusion,
you're so serious,
with me

reach for my better half,
only to slip and fall,
as the sun sets on our town,
which never existed

we're delirious,
swimming through the confusion,
and we're so serious,
with eachother